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Liquid Chlorine Gas Suppliers

Liquid Chlorine Gas Suppliers, Liquid Chlorine Manufacturers

Chemtrade International Corporation is that the parent company of FTLS Group started its journey as chemical distributors within the year 2008. we've managed to secure our presence among top Liquid Chlorine Manufacturers in Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra. As distributors of leading multinational & domestic petrochemical companies, we distribute their Products across India reaching bent customers in multitude verticals. Our work culture is predicated on ethical values, fair trade practices and commitment to provide quality chemicals on time; this lead us to determine branches in leading business centers in India and grow multifold. To know more Information about Brand New Chlorine Cylinders, Anhydrous Ammonia, Empty Chlorine Cylinders, Second Hand Chlorine Cylinders, Sodium Sulphate, etc. Dial our number or drop your enquiry

Liquid Chlorine Gas Suppliers

We are recognized together of the foremost preferred chemical suppliers within the market and it reflects in work we do because the list of our clientele has grown over by 25%. And being an interesting Liquid Chlorine Gas Suppliers and Exporter, we've a robust network to supply timely supply to the doorstep. We export our Products to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Phillies, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, Niger, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, and many other places.


Chemtrade is a leading Industrial Salt Manufacturers, We ensure the quality of the Aluminium Chlorohydrate and the Sulfuric Acid, Aluminium Chlorohydrate Solutions are developed and built-in by international standards.

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Our name is identified as one of the dynamic & top most leading Chlorine Cylinders Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. There are ample of varieties available in our stock of cylinders that differ in their basic capacities. Also known as tonners, this Chlorine Cylinder is manufactured in compliance with industrial standards with the best quality materials. Before the final dispatch in the market, we check our entire range of cylinders on various quality parameters to ensure flawlessness. We provide an extensive range of Brand New Chlorine Cylinders. These New Brand Chlorine Cylinders are made with best quality materials and are available in different capacities like 12kg or 50kg or 100kg or 900kg. Big capacity chlorine cylinders are known as Tonners and are generally made in compliance with Indian standards.

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What is chlorine gas?

Chlorine gas is a chemical compound composed of chlorine atoms. It is widely used for water disinfection, bleaching processes, and as a raw material in various industries.

What is liquid chlorine gas?

Liquid chlorine gas refers to chlorine gas that has been compressed and cooled to a liquid state for ease of storage and transportation. It is commonly used in water treatment plants and industrial applications.

Do you provide mild steel chlorine gas cylinders?

Yes, we offer chlorine gas cylinders made from mild steel. These cylinders are designed to safely contain chlorine gas and provide durability and strength.

What are the industrial uses of salt?

Industrial salt, or sodium chloride, is used in various industries, including chemical manufacturing, food processing, water treatment, and de-icing applications.

What industries does Chemtrade cater to?

Chemtrade caters to a wide range of industries, including water treatment, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, and many others. Our extensive portfolio of products and services allows us to meet the unique needs of different sectors.


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Liquid Chlorine Gas Suppliers


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Our name is well-recognized among reliable Chlorine Gas Suppliers and Exporter in India. We always keep the main target on maintaining our reputation within the domain and wouldn’t mind walking extra miles for an equivalent . Call us or drop your enquiry to urge our quick assistance. Other than being determined to bring you unmatched quality, we keep our focus to make sure safe packaging of the merchandise to supply quick and safe delivery.

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